Friday, November 26, 2010


    To the best of my recollection, I quite enjoyed school at an early age; surprisingly enough. Looking back on those first few years of the rollercoaster that would be my educational experience, it is hard to believe the level of notoriety I would later achieve.

    I excelled in most subjects, showing great interest in mathematics and science. I cruised through Kindergarten-to-grade 3 with ease, showing no sign of slowing my academic advancement. Little did I know, something darker and more heinous was lurking beneath the surface, and it wanted out.

    I am not sure of any single event or experience that had triggered the drastic change in my character and attitude. It was, however, a very shocking time for my teachers, peers, and family alike.

    Sometime around the first term of Grade 4 I had begun my downward spiral into mischief, disobedience and a habitual neglect of my duty as a student. If I recall correctly, my first out-of-school suspension came around this time; it would be the first of many.

    I gradually became more and more of a nuisance as the years went on; taking full advantage of every opportunity to disrupt the classroom in whatever manner I deemed suitable.

To be continued...

Sunday, November 21, 2010


    I was the second of my parents' four children and the only boy. Needless to say, being raised in a household with three sisters ingrained a strong protective instinct within me. As early as I can recall I knew it was my duty as their brother to protect them from danger. My acceptance of this role at such a young age would prove to be a crucial fragment of what would later become my "moral code".

    As the need for an authority figure became more and more of a necessity in my childhood, it was clearly evident that my father would be that influence; as I am sure my mother would agree. I quickly learned where and when rules could be bent and where they could be ignored in entirety; as far as I was concerned, anyhow.

    As with any family, there were trying times; we argued, we fought. At the end of the day, we all knew where our loyalties laid. I quickly accepted and embraced the importance of the role my family would play in my development.

My first post

    I am by no means an extraordinary person and I don't expect the following thoughts and stories to have any lasting effect on you. To be brief, this is a collection of experiences and encounters that have had a significant impact on my character and personality.

    At an early age I considered myself to be a rebel of sorts and rarely balked at an opportunity to stand in the face of authority. I frequently and thoroughly enjoyed "colouring outside the lines", so to speak. I never had a problem standing up for what I believe in, regardless of any foreseeable consequences or repercussions. This is the foundation upon which my persona would be built.

    In hindsight, my attitude and behaviour during my formative years would have a profound impact upon myself and the people around me; friends, family, and others.