Friday, November 26, 2010


    To the best of my recollection, I quite enjoyed school at an early age; surprisingly enough. Looking back on those first few years of the rollercoaster that would be my educational experience, it is hard to believe the level of notoriety I would later achieve.

    I excelled in most subjects, showing great interest in mathematics and science. I cruised through Kindergarten-to-grade 3 with ease, showing no sign of slowing my academic advancement. Little did I know, something darker and more heinous was lurking beneath the surface, and it wanted out.

    I am not sure of any single event or experience that had triggered the drastic change in my character and attitude. It was, however, a very shocking time for my teachers, peers, and family alike.

    Sometime around the first term of Grade 4 I had begun my downward spiral into mischief, disobedience and a habitual neglect of my duty as a student. If I recall correctly, my first out-of-school suspension came around this time; it would be the first of many.

    I gradually became more and more of a nuisance as the years went on; taking full advantage of every opportunity to disrupt the classroom in whatever manner I deemed suitable.

To be continued...

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